Despicable Me 3: A Fruitless Effort

Suffice it to say movie was entertaining, but it couldn’t give us anything new to indulge in or laugh at.


From kids, to teens to adults all love them. They are funny, smart and clever. You just can’t mess with them. You can’t avoid them, and you defiantly can’t watch them without laughing. Just by seeing them you can experience fits of laughter. Continue reading “Despicable Me 3: A Fruitless Effort”

Book Review: The Smart City Transformations

The basic mindset behind the book lies within the statement written in the book ‘smart means doing more with less resource.’

Developing smart cities is a pivotal and high priority task of modern-day governments all over the globe. Not trying to fall behind in the race to advancement, regimes have ensured that the manifesto of every political party has a smart city under their agenda. Continue reading “Book Review: The Smart City Transformations”

Social Media and Brands

Brands will be most benefited by social media; it’s the best platform to know your audience. Tools like Facebook, twitter, linkedln can easily give access to consumer’s mindset and their preferences. Brands can easily plan their campaign according to consumer’s preferences.

social media br
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21st century is technology driven century and time has changed drastically over the years. Telegraphs, postcards were replaced by telephones which have now been replaced by mobile phones. Television has been replaced by internet. The world is one click away. One click and you can visit Paris from your home, one click and you master an art. 21st century is all about technology and how to make world smaller and closer. Continue reading “Social Media and Brands”

Naam Shabana

Taapsee delivers some knockout punches and is sincere enough. She is terrific in the action sequences; her kicks and blows feel real. Manoj is brilliant, though he has just dialogue-baazi and no action to support him. Although Taapsee shoulders the film, her name appears in the end credits only AFTER Akshay’s, in spite of his role being only an extended cameo.

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Two years after the release of ‘Baby’, director Shivam Nair releases spin-off, ‘Naam Shabana’ tracing the background of Shabana Khan, starring Taapsee Pannu in lead role, Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher in cameo role.    Continue reading “Naam Shabana”

Never let a scale define you

Shaming someone based on assumptions we make from our perception of them does nothing at all to encourage healthy choices. That remains the same, regardless of the size of the person on whose body we are commenting

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How often do you see yourself in mirror, and just hate the sight you see, or frown at the sight? How often do you see image of models on internet or magazines and then look down at yourself and begrudge about what you see? How often do you see your slim friend and envy her for being so thin, skinny and getting all the attention that you want for yourself that you deserve? In this materialistic world all everyone cares about or all everyone wants is having a perfect slim and skinny body. Continue reading “Never let a scale define you”

Multiple wives in Islam

If you deem it best for the orphans, you may marry their mothers – you may marry two, three, or four. If you fear that you’ll become unfair, then you should be content with only one, or with what you already have. Additionally, you are thus more likely to avoid financial hardship.

If you grew up in India odds are none of the decision was taken by you, either your parents or your grandparents have decided how you will live your life. You might top in your class, university or even won a national price, there are something’s that you just can’t do yourself, like choosing your own life partner. Growing up in India is in itself a unique experience. You won’t understand it until you interact with foreign people and their parents or watch foreign TV shows or movies and see how different their culture is. Continue reading “Multiple wives in Islam”

Fear of Commitment

You’re are either in or you’re out. There is no such thing as life in between.

Commitment can be a frightening word for some people because of the proposition of what it means to commit. For many, commitment signifies loss, feeling of being trapped or controlled. Committing to another person involves consideration of another person’s thoughts, feelings and needs which implies a loss of independence in activities and decision-making. Commitment can be defined as a dedication or obligation that binds an individual to a particular person, cause, or course of action. Continue reading “Fear of Commitment”