Grades Define our Future?

Almost everyone says marks don’t matter. It doesn’t define who we are, but is it really true?

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It’s that time of the year when students are done with their exams, some of the might have already received their results, some might still be waiting for results.  Some might be excited after seeing their result, some might be sad, some might be depressed, frustrated or might be in confusion.  These emotions arise because students, parents and academic have different perspective of what marks really means.

Almost everyone says marks don’t matter. It doesn’t define who we are, but is it really true? I agree that marks don’t define who we are but we cannot deny the fact that good marks do open various gates for us. If marks don’t define our future than tell this to a student who can’t get in his dream college or why DU has such high standards that many students aren’t even able to reach there. You might believe that you’ll do very well in economics but to get in a decent college and study economics you need to have good grades. It’s not fair but that’s ruthless reality. We might tell students that marks don’t matter but how long can we shield them from brutal reality of how this worlds works. We all can sugar coat reality as much as we like but in actuality to pursue our dream marks do matter. I agree in long run marks won’t be the defining category to get great jobs but to get that dream job, you need to have a degree from a decent college else why will any organisation even consider to interview you.

To be successful in life knowledge and talent is of utmost importance, though talent won’t get you anywhere if you don’t have access to a platform to showcase your skills. Top colleges in India provide you that platform. Getting good grades matter in that context. To be honest not everyone is extraordinarily talented, not everyone can afford to ditch college and start a successful business. Some need to go through tedious process of completing the college and pave way for themselves in this mechanical world.  Marks are not an indication of talent or intelligence but of dedication, hard work and sincerity.

Giving false hope to children that a piece of paper don’t define their future is crap, instead of telling this we should encourage them to study hard and try to get good marks, but if they don’t get good marks we should not humiliate them, bully them or scold them, instead we should tell them low grades is not the end of the world but they will have to work extremely hard to be successful.

Author: Aprajita Dixit

A girl who does nothing and is still searching for her life's goal

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