Never let a scale define you

Shaming someone based on assumptions we make from our perception of them does nothing at all to encourage healthy choices. That remains the same, regardless of the size of the person on whose body we are commenting

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How often do you see yourself in mirror, and just hate the sight you see, or frown at the sight? How often do you see image of models on internet or magazines and then look down at yourself and begrudge about what you see? How often do you see your slim friend and envy her for being so thin, skinny and getting all the attention that you want for yourself that you deserve? In this materialistic world all everyone cares about or all everyone wants is having a perfect slim and skinny body. No one cares about inner soul or personality. Every day, almost everywhere we are told to change our appearance, magazines, messages, newspaper, social media constantly offer tips to ‘reduce weight, or how to ‘hide imperfections’ without knowing us. Not only they, but TV series and movies also use overweight as a tool to form various ludicrous jokes. They show as if criticising others body faction is a part of bonding with friends or making friends. Apart from these Photoshop image of model do not help, youngsters believe having such petite figure is actually possible, or having freckle less face is possible,

What people don’t understand is that body shaming means bulling other person and imposing their beauty ideals on them. Body shaming is just not about weight. In case of women is about shamming them for not having big enough boobs, having boobs that according to some are too big, not having big enough butt, and various other kinds of body shaming. Normally men face less body shaming, but there are certainly exceptions, and for men it can sometimes be based on height, penis size, lack of muscles, or for being fat. There are various evidence that shows that the effect of fat shaming and stigmatising go far beyond remarks, beyond the stares fat people get on the street, the cutting comments strangers make about their weight and the “funny” greeting cards featuring overweight people.

Fat people shame and blame themselves for being fat. They sometimes struggle with eating disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia. All they ever do is try to lose weight and get acceptance from society. However even after they lose weight they get stares and comments about other flaws. It’s not just about fat people, skinny people also get stared for being too skinny. They are also called names and are made fun of. Slim females are called names like bitchy, superficial, ambitious or mean whereas fat women are called as insecure, lazy, careless or passive.

At table, the conversations are not focused on accomplishments, celebrations, and ideas, but on self-deprecation, insecurity, frustration, and shame. Reaching for another cucumber sandwich, one woman said, “There are so many carbs here, I’ll have to eat only protein for the rest of the weekend to balance this out.” The problem isn’t the food. The problem is that we’ve been taught that how we look is more important than who we are. Women have started to shame themselves for eating, enjoying food, for just plain living? Food shame is at an all-time high, and it has the destructive effect of making us feel inadequate. Why do we make ourselves feel bad for eating what we really want? Food is energy. It is nourishment. So why are we labelling our food with negative emotions?

Shaming someone based on assumptions we make from our perception of them does nothing at all to encourage healthy choices. That remains the same, regardless of the size of the person on whose body we are commenting. While we are not expected to know what someone is going through, we can offer compassion by not judging, not offering commentary and not making their appearance our business.

Author: Aprajita Dixit

A girl who does nothing and is still searching for her life's goal

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