Despicable Me 3: A Fruitless Effort

Suffice it to say movie was entertaining, but it couldn’t give us anything new to indulge in or laugh at.

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From kids, to teens to adults all love them. They are funny, smart and clever. You just can’t mess with them. You can’t avoid them, and you defiantly can’t watch them without laughing. Just by seeing them you can experience fits of laughter.

Yes you guessed it right. I am talking about Minions, one of the most adorable animated characters of the recent times. Only recently third movie in the franchise, ‘Despicable Me 3’ was released.

Suffice it to say movie was entertaining, but it couldn’t give us anything new to indulge in or laugh at.

The movie might have earned millions in terms of money, but in terms of creativity and storytelling, it couldn’t capture audience’s attention, nor could it rekindle the magic ‘Despicable Me’, ‘Despicable Me 2’ and somewhere even spin-off ‘Minions’ created.

While watching the film, audience can easily gauge why the movie was given a green-signal, being a hit among every generation, the movie could have earned millions for the team.

The charm of the franchise can be seen terribly shrinking in ‘Despicable Me 3’. Being a die-hard fan of ‘Minions’ and ‘Gru’ myself, it was heart breaking too see such deteriorating state of the popular animated movie.

The cleverness shown by franchise protagonist Gru- voiced by Steve Carell and the colourful and dim-witted Minions that stole the show in ‘Despicable Me’ lost their allure in the third instalment of the franchise.

The whole movie felt as if the writers were trying to somehow expand the content for whole 90 minutes. There were so many unwanted fragments and subplots that made watching the film dull, and made me feel as if the movie was being dragged that too badly.

The plot of the movie resolves around the playful and mischievous Minions, who want Gru to resume his life as crime boss or the ‘supervillan’ that he was, after Gru is fired from Anti-Villan League by his new boss. Whereas Gru just wants to rejoin the team. Out of the blue Gru comes to know that he has a twin brother, who desperately wants to become a notorious criminal. The siblings reunite and form an uneasy alliance to take down Gru’s enemy Balthazar Bratt, a former 1980s child star who seeks revenge against the world, for his awfully dull explanation. On the other hand, Lucy just wants Margo, Edith and Agnes(who desperately wants a Unicorn) to accept her as their mother.

Uff.. Well, watch the movie if only you are die-hard fan of Minions, Gru and his girls.

Author: Aprajita Dixit

A girl who does nothing and is still searching for her life's goal

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