Despicable Me 3: A Fruitless Effort

Suffice it to say movie was entertaining, but it couldn’t give us anything new to indulge in or laugh at.


From kids, to teens to adults all love them. They are funny, smart and clever. You just can’t mess with them. You can’t avoid them, and you defiantly can’t watch them without laughing. Just by seeing them you can experience fits of laughter. Continue reading “Despicable Me 3: A Fruitless Effort”

Naam Shabana

Taapsee delivers some knockout punches and is sincere enough. She is terrific in the action sequences; her kicks and blows feel real. Manoj is brilliant, though he has just dialogue-baazi and no action to support him. Although Taapsee shoulders the film, her name appears in the end credits only AFTER Akshay’s, in spite of his role being only an extended cameo.

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Two years after the release of ‘Baby’, director Shivam Nair releases spin-off, ‘Naam Shabana’ tracing the background of Shabana Khan, starring Taapsee Pannu in lead role, Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher in cameo role.    Continue reading “Naam Shabana”