It’s ok to give yourself permission to say ‘NO’

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.

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‘No’ is in itself a complete sentence. It does not require any justification or explanation.

‘No’ is such a simple word with only two letters, yet saying ‘no’ is harder for most people than saying ‘yes’ or ‘I’ll be glad to help you’. Many of us grow up to become people-pleaser in their lives, the word ‘no’ drops out of their vocabulary and they substitute it with lot of ways to be agreeable and keep other person happy. It has become engraved in our culture to instantaneously say ‘yes’, rather than saying no, since it feels weird  and even rude sometimes.  More scared we get from saying no, harder things become for us. Continue reading “It’s ok to give yourself permission to say ‘NO’”

Grades Define our Future?

Almost everyone says marks don’t matter. It doesn’t define who we are, but is it really true?

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It’s that time of the year when students are done with their exams, some of the might have already received their results, some might still be waiting for results.  Some might be excited after seeing their result, some might be sad, some might be depressed, frustrated or might be in confusion.  These emotions arise because students, parents and academic have different perspective of what marks really means. Continue reading “Grades Define our Future?”

Ego: Not worth leaving things for

The ego is not who you really are. The ego is your self-image; it is your social mask; it is the role you are playing. Your social mask thrives on approval. It wants control, and it is sustained by power, because it lives in fear. Life is too short for ego to get in the way and take everything away from you.

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‘I’ll not call him first’; ’it was her mistake, why should I say sorry to her first’ these are some of the most common phrases that we use or listen every day in our lives. The conflict that we feel inside ourselves of why we should do things first has become so common that instead of doing something about it and saving the relationship we prefer to keep numb and let our ego destroy what could have been a loving bond. Maintaining high ego is more important for people than saving their relation. Continue reading “Ego: Not worth leaving things for”

Life is full of Possibilities

Death..! Death is so final, whereas Life..!, Life is full of endless possibilities.

She unlocked the main door with heavy heart, with small and tedious steps came inside and switched on the lights, with a sigh she took of her coat and hanged it near the door and kept keys on table. Slowly and unenthusiastically she made her way to kitchen and poured herself a glass of chilled water. With every drop she could feel her inner self crumbling, her senses were getting numb, she just wanted all the feelings to go away, to give her a moment of peace. Continue reading “Life is full of Possibilities”

It’s okay to be an Introvert..!

The excruciating feeling I get when there is a pause during any discussion and everyone looks up at me and expects me to speak and contribute to the conversation, with a flushed face I could reply something clumsily and then regret saying anything for days to come.

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The most dreadful situation for me is to talk or interact with crowd or as a matter of fact talking or doing anything in front of a small group is tough for me even if I am not familiar with only one or two members. The most awkward circumstances for me is to initiate conversation with a person however close or distant relation I have with them.  The excruciating feeling I get when there is a pause during any discussion and everyone looks up at me and expects me to speak and contribute to the conversation, with a flushed face I could reply something clumsily and then regret saying anything for days to come. Continue reading “It’s okay to be an Introvert..!”

5 Reason to travel alone once in life

Travelling alone is the most enthralling adventure a person can go for in their life.

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Vacation simply means enjoying relaxing moments to the fullest. It is generally presumed that going on vacation means going out with bunch of people whether they are friends or family. And if someone decides to go alone, they are met with raised eyebrows and sympathetic looks. Travelling solo does not mean you are lonely it simply means you enjoy your company and you don’t need anyone else to enjoy with. Continue reading “5 Reason to travel alone once in life”

What Next..?

I snap out of my thoughts, my surrounding becoming clearer and so my mind. “I will do what makes me happy” society can wait, my dreams are more important than their opinion and feelings in my journey to success.


Sitting on my bed, listening to radio I Couldn’t help but think about my life especially last 4 years, the golden years of my college, the lectures, bunking classes, canteen, movies, late night assignments and friends. A year is still left for my post graduation but I feel I am still standing where I stood after class 12th. It feels like I haven’t moved an inch in my life, the same feeling of confusion, the varying thoughts, believes and interests and the similar deadly feeling of what next? Continue reading “What Next..?”